For a long time we have known that a gradual move has been taking place towards more browsing and searching being done on smart phones and mobile devices and less on PCs.

We knew it would change the dynamics of advertising – something Google itself has been talking about and trying to address.  We have seen the cost per click changing over time too and it will now change radically under Google’s new “enhanced campaign” approaches, which don’t provide as much choice about which devices you can target. 

It is also likely that click prices may have to rise, as a result, although they have now been falling for the last seven quarters, apparently.

Google also intends to start penalising websites that don’t have optimised mobile versions of their sites in terms of where they appear in the search engine rankings.

So what does all this mean for website owners and online marketers?

Well, the only certain answer is that we’ll have to wait and see, but there are a number of things you can do about it right now that will get definite results: –

  1. You can ensure your website content is properly optimised, so you appear higher in the natural search results and have to rely less on Pay Per Click.
  2. Ensure you’ve got a great listing on Google Pages and that you have filled in as much detail as possible, this helps you appear in the Google Maps listing.
  3. Make sure your website images are properly tagged, so these appear in the listings too.
  4. Create some YouTube videos, so these also appear in the listings.

Let’s face it, when you do a Google search on a mobile device, you are less likely to focus on the adverts anyway – if you can even see adverts displayed and, more importantly, the more times you appear on the front page of the results, the better.

Investing in proper Search Engine Optimisation also pays dividends in another key way – if you rely heavily on Pay Per Click “PPC”, you have to keep forking out wads of cash to keep being found.  Whereas, if you invest in natural language search and good SEO, it will climb the rankings over time, without the need to keep paying out, so SEO is a far better, longer-lasting investment than PPC!

There are some really cool tools out there to help you, as well – is my personal favourite, as it shows you how you’re doing, but also who your competitors are and what the keywords are that you’ve been found for.  But that’s not all, it tells you all about your competitors too – how much they’re spending, where they’re beating you, etc.  Best of all, it’s FREE!

As anyone who hasn't been to the gym or gone running for a while will know, it takes time to get back into the habit and for the first few times you do it, it doesn't happen easily - keeping fit takes effort.

 So it is with networking - for all of us!  While I was working at Google I avoided actively blogging because I didn't want anyone to think that I was leveraging inside knowledge.  Then I worked in Nigeria for a while, which is when I created this site, but I wasn't working at it as often as I should have been.  Then I came back to the UK and the long hours of driving and working meant that I was "too tired" and "couldn't be bothered".

Even when I knew that I wanted to leave my last role (back in November last year), I didn't put the effort into networking as I used to in order to raise my profile and pro-actively find my next role.


Anyone who has read this site will know that I've made, on average, at least $100,000 per year through recommendations, referrals and people finding me on-line through my various active profiles, blogs, etc.

So I now find myself hunting for work - something I haven't had to do in years - work has always found me in the past and perhaps that confidence that it would again lulled me into a false sense of security.  I can't remember the last time I left a role without something concrete in the pipeline or, at the very least, a big enough opportunity pipeline that I could be confident of landing something within a few days - a week or two maximum.

And that is what has prompted me to share my failure with you here - I let myself down!  Badly!  I knew what I needed to do, I knew how to do it, but I made excuses and now I'm in catch-up mode, with no income coming in and nothing concrete to remedy that.

Networking is just like exercise - it takes a lot of effort to get fit, but maintaining a decent level of fitness isn't that hard, as long as you commit some time on a regular basis and stay focused and consistent.  But, if you stop making the effort, it takes you some time to get back up to speed.

Next time you "can't be bothered" take a moment and ask yourself if that laziness is a luxury you can afford . . .
Welcome to a live experiment/project where I will share the tool, tricks and tips that have made me over $1m in additional revenues through a lot of luck, a few mistakes and a little bit of hard work here and there...

I started networking by accident and loved it, I joined a whole raft of websites, networks and stuff like that and quickly realised that some of them were a total waste of time, some were an enjoyable time waster and some were actually making me money because, all of a sudden, I was more findable and more credible and people were approaching me and offering me work....... that's basically my story - I made a load of cash from the web without even trying.

Now I want to share that with you, so you can avoid my mistakes and focus on the stuff that can make you money too.  I won't be doing it on my own, I'll also introduce you to other people who have succeeded the same way and some experts who can help you to get great results.

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    My name is Rory Murray and I've created this website to share with you how I have made over $1m of additional revenues from social media and networking over the last few years without really trying - almost by accident, in fact.

    The vast majority of this income is from referrals, but some has come from people simply finding my online profiles in search engine results and hiring me based on the information they found on sites like LinkedIn. 


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