Welcome to a live experiment/project where I will share the tool, tricks and tips that have made me over $1m in additional revenues through a lot of luck, a few mistakes and a little bit of hard work here and there...

I started networking by accident and loved it, I joined a whole raft of websites, networks and stuff like that and quickly realised that some of them were a total waste of time, some were an enjoyable time waster and some were actually making me money because, all of a sudden, I was more findable and more credible and people were approaching me and offering me work....... that's basically my story - I made a load of cash from the web without even trying.

Now I want to share that with you, so you can avoid my mistakes and focus on the stuff that can make you money too.  I won't be doing it on my own, I'll also introduce you to other people who have succeeded the same way and some experts who can help you to get great results.


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    My name is Rory Murray and I've created this website to share with you how I have made over $1m of additional revenues from social media and networking over the last few years without really trying - almost by accident, in fact.

    The vast majority of this income is from referrals, but some has come from people simply finding my online profiles in search engine results and hiring me based on the information they found on sites like LinkedIn. 


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